• Robotic cells and production line integration

    Robotic Systems

     See Robotics Data Sheet (printable version)

    Achieving a robotic implementation project requires a targeted in-depth process needs analysis in order to initiate a project that includes not only “one robot - one machine”; but also provides additional peripheral devices necessary to obtain the most effective workstation, and be as cost-effective as possible. Our team specializes in customized needs assessment in order to propose the best robot system and the best business investment possible.

    Design, production and implementation of a made-to-measure robot to your existing robotic cells

    • Materials handling robot systems;
    • Boxing up and palletization robot systems;
    • Actuators, welding and positioning robot systems;
    • Water jet and plasma cutting robot systems;
    • CNC machining and other robot systems:
      • Part loading and unloading;
      • Tool change and compensation;
      • Deburring;
      • Polishing;
      • Marking;
      • CMM dimensional inspection;
      • Mould pull / manipulation / output;
      • Gate cutting;
      • Pre-assembly / assembly;
      • Etc.

    Groupe CFR designs and manufactures all grippers, positioning, assembly, locking, welding etc. and tools adapted to each customer’s specific needs.

    Groupe CFR specializes in peripheral equipment design, manufacturing and integration, and communication protocols required to optimize your business robot systems. Groupe CFR has the expertise you need to make the most of your investment!

    Integration of computer vision is very often used in process automation, whether for 2D / 3D parts recognition, shape, color, barcode, dimensional inspection quality control, or for any other customized application: Groupe CFR can expand and program customized algorithms for your applications.