• Robotic plasma cell

    Robotic cell for profiles and plates

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    Beamcut 360 video

    The BeamCut system

    The avantages of the BeamCut are positioning by vision, input and output in-line system and the possibility to integrate option like drilling system.


    CFR BeamCut allows to cut H-beam, tubes, channels, flatbars, angles and prepare plate for cutting simultaneously.


    • Servo assisted in/out conveyors for speed and accuracy on the material positionning.
    • System works on both conveyor sides and keeps the material controllable during the operation.

    The features and advantages of our robotic plasma cells

    • Pass-thru operations save time and manipulations.
    • No programming required between CAD drawings and robot language.
    • Software automatically recognizes features such as copes, holes, cuts, drills and markings.
    • Powerful integerated 3D simulation software allowing fabricators to quickly simulate the cutting paths to avoid collision.
    • Compatible with SDS/2 and X-steel software.
    • Integrated nesting software for sheet metal.
    • Heavy duty fabrication adapted to steel industry.
    • HMI simple and easy to operate.
    • Torch tip cleaning system to get a longer consumables life.
    • Beam area cut zone protected by adapted fume extraction cabin.
    • Measuring system with artificial vision three time faster than touch sensing system.