• Customized Automated Equipment

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     See Agroprocessing Equipment Data Sheet (printable version)
     See Automated Equipment for the Window and Door Industry Data Sheet (printable version)

    Groupe CFR is your partner, right down the line!

    For improvements to workstation ergonomics, for the development of integrated peripheral automated equipment in an existing production line, or for the design and implementation of a complete production line, the Groupe CFR team is your first-class partner to materialize your ideas and achieve your profitability objective.

    A global, turn-key approach to productivity optimization

    Groupe CFR team’s thorough knowledge of robotics combined with a commitment to find the best solutions to your specific needs, in conjunction with your own involvement and intimate product knowledge, are the two key ingredients necessary to obtain the best possible results.

    A skilled, multi-disciplinary team equipped to provide the solution you need

    Agroprocessing, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Armament, Plastics and Composite Materials, Metal Fabrication, Wood Processing, etc.;

    Exemples :

    • Pre-assembly / assembly, part insertion;
    • Surface treatment;
    • Wrapping, handling, case-loading, palletizing;
    • Identification, marking, product printing;
    • Quality control;
    • CNC machining, drilling, boring, tapping equipment;
    • Product sorting, alignment, positioning;
    • Volumetric depositors;
    • Brining vats;
    • Mixers / stirrers;
    • Dough partitioners and trough hoists;
    • Industrial continuous deep fat fryer;
    • Turnover machines;
    • Tanks;
    • Plate dispensers (unstacking machines);
    • Piston pumps for “cretons”, sauces and creams;
    • Quick freezing basins;
    • Meat cutters;
    • Packaging, bagging, case-loading equipment;
    • Complete production lines;
    • Machining and drilling equipment – window and door industry, etc.;