• Specialized Tooling / Die-sets

     See Specialized Tooling Data Sheet (printable version)

    Multiple possibilities for optimal integration

    Composites drilling jigs

    Groupe CFR designs and develops equipment and specialized tools for very specific production needs. Whether for drilling, machining, assembling, polishing, embossing, robotic manipulation, or any other special needs, Groupe CFR has all the expertise required to analyze your needs and offer custom-designed tooling solutions, from the simplest to the most complex, to improve your competitiveness.

    CFR Group has a vast experience in processing and manufacturing specialized tooling for various industries such as plastics and composite materials.

    Exemples :

    • Automated drilling centers;
    • Automated tools (drilling, machining, etc.);
    • Mechanized insertion machines;
    • Automated screwing, nailing machines;
    • Custom cutting;
    • Custom machining;
    • Assembly;
    • Embossing;
    • Parts inspection;
    • Positioning, welding, machining, go/no-go die-sets.