• Material handling equipment integrated into your production line

    Materials Handling Equipment

     See Custom-designed Materials Handling Equipment Data Sheet (printable version)

    Raw materials handling, in-production input routing and finished product manipulation are critical to the profitability of all manufacturing processes. The Groupe CFR design team researches and creates solutions to eliminate problems of labour supply and floor space: it targets elimination of worthless actions around your manufacturing processes. Our objective: make sure we propose innovative cost-reducing materials handling equipment that will improve operational profitability.

    Multiple possibilities for optimal integration

    • Material flow management and optimization;
    • Lifting equipment;
    • Gripper;
    • Veneer production line;
    • Stackers;
    • Wrapping equipment;
    • Positioning, turnover, and dump tables, etc.;
    • Custom-designed shelving;
    • Assembly lines;
    • Materials handling trucks;
    • Custom self-propelled drawer racks;
    • Material handlers and turnovers;
    • Elevator;
    • Integrated workstation assembly lines;
    • Integrated automated materials handling lines;
    • Spiral conveyors: ascending, descending, curved, multi-speed conveyor-separators, and bucket, tray, overhead, screw, magnetic, vibrating, scales and gravity elevators, etc.